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(a.k.a.: the perpetual todo list,
patterns I want to knit someday, gift list)

Hermione Hat & Mittens, for me (KAL)

Slytherin PoA scarf, for Hubby (KAL)

Cable hat from SnB Nation

Kitty Pi for my cat

felted Fiber Trends slippers for Daughter

EW Hat for Daughter (has been requested, in purple)

hand warmers for me

reknit hubby's hat that was way too big and I frogged in Dec '05

bulky hot pink cardigan for Daughter

KPS top down sweater for Daughter, stripes

KPS top down sweater for Son, turquoise

6 pair of socks - she loves the "yarn socks" - for b'day Jan 5th

sew up fleece jacket for daughter (already cut out)

sew up nightgowns/pajamas for daughter (already cut out)

socks for hubby, basic 4x2 rib from Cascade 22o tweed - for anniversary Feb 1st

EW Hat - for friend's b'day Feb 8th

sew up heating bag and cover - for BIL's b'day Feb 17th

Irish Hiking Scarf

Cherry Garcia Neck Tube

Branching Out


socks - for Dad's b'day March 30th

something for MIL's b'day . . . vest? felted purse? - for April 16th

Fair Isle sweater from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation - for Mom's b'day Sept 1st

Mrs Beeton

Toasty Pocket Creatures




Via Diagonale

put zipper in Son's KPS cardigan