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joined Nov '05
Hermione Hat & Mittens for me
slytherin scarf for Hubby

- Dec 31st

joined July '05
June - Chutes & Ladders: started while on vacation, never finished
August - Amble: beautiful sock, bought yarn
October - Mosiac: bought yarn, chickened out =(
Dec - Shadow of Love

I love this pattern and I even bought yarn for it from knitpicks, but I am having reservations about making it for myself. This on may not get done.

Oct 24th - ?
knit one mitten for Daughter, still need to knit up the other one
planning Hermione Mittens for me, and handwarmers

Dec - shell sock p60

joined June '05

interSAM: Basketcase
beginnerSAM: CIC socks

beginnerSAM: Lacey Hearts
inspirationSAM: halloween socks & halloween socks v2.0

no new patterns for December

Nov 21st - Dec 16th
Finished one hat and started another by the deadline.
have had requests for 2 more

Oct 1st - 31st
finished 3 pair:
lacey hearts, halloween socks, halloween socks v2.0